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What is an Anxiety Ring?

It is the most discreet, simple and effective tool used by thousands of people to help them and their children manage stress & anxiety.

Some use it during meetings. Some give it to their kids to use at school. Either way we know you're going to be over the moon with your new Anxiety Ring.

Why We Need One?

  • Anxiety control-The ring uses a combination of a subtle hum during spinning and the light vibration of the bearings to slow your mind and reduce overthinking.
  • Focus-Bring yourself back into the moment by flicking the outer ring to begin a spin, and slowly coming down to rolling the ring in time with your breathing.
  • Discreet-Being in public can cause increased levels of stress, and most don't like to pull out a larger fidget toy for all to see. The Anxiety Ring is a subtle and quiet way to calm yourself.

In the Anxiety Ring Official Store, you will find:

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